May 25, 2015

Richter City Home season 2015: #2 Smash Malice vs Brutal Pageant

Saturday’s bout between Smash Malice and Brutal Pageant was a return to real derby. There were a lot of derby virgins in the crowd, several injuries, masses of penalties and a race to the finish. It was the most fun I’d had at a game since the first season when the game was new and personalities were large.

This year has seen skaters commentating; it was Beatrix Kiddo’s turn on the mic this Saturday. I especially enjoyed the skater trivia she threw in every now and then. It was however observed that at times the commentators would interact with those in the suicide seats, ignoring those in the main stands, who ended up frustrated they didn’t get a look in for spot prizes.

New transfer to the league, Vicious Vegie, from River City Rollers in Wanganui, made herself known to the Wellington crowds with fancy footwork and a fun-filled attitude, whilst fellow Pageant skater Dolly Didit certainly did do her share to increase the points. Malice also had a transfer (May Maim from Dunedin Derby via Hellmilton Roller Ghouls) who showed her smashing skills, while Wellington regulars Bailey’s Comet and Volcanic Ash keep getting stronger. Newbie Anna KausaComa, who’s name is too close to another players for comfort, impressed in her debut.

Gael Force was bench managing for Pageant on crutches. Others joined her on the injury list throughout the game. Veruc Assault, in her first game, was the first major injury. Skanda Lass was secreted away in the changing room for the second half of the match to be taken to hospital at the end. Her knee injury may not be as serious as was originally feared. Invader Sin also appeared to be in some pain but continued to play.

Smash Malice took an early lead which Brutal Pageant caught up to just before half time. But early in the second half Malice took back the lead and proceeded to, well, smash, Pageant. There were so many players sent out of the game that in the last jam every available Malice skater was on the track. With minutes left it looked like the only chance for Pageant to win would be for another Malice player to be sent out thereby causing them to forfeit.

Final score 233 to 230, taken out by Brutal Pageant, thanks to a massive 30+ point jam from Anna Pave-U’Ova, not beating her current record of a 40 point jam. Pave continues to be one of the strongest jammers in the league and shone throughout the match.

Next game: 4 July, Comic Slams vs Brutal Pageant

May 7, 2015

Sleeping Around

Newly formed Nextstage are "awakening" theatre in Lower Hutt with their production of Sleeping Around written and performed by Hutt local Geraldine Brophy. Although there are local production companies, given the quality that has been coming out of Hutt Repertory lately, this is welcome. Not on par with the likes of Circa it is a step up from other offerings.

I'm not sure whether two red heads were chosen on purpose or if it was just a lucky coincidence. Two women of similar age and same coloured hair are otherwise outwardly very different. They form a bond in a ridiculous setting of an indoor camp and come to realise that although different they face the same struggles. Sympathy for others transcends class and cultural barriers in this funny play.

Nextstage have a full program for the rest of the year mostly based at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt.

Venue: Little Theatre, Lower Hutt
Performances: 7:30pm, 6-14 May
Tickets: $35