August 10, 2016


Alexander Sparrow is Enigma a white American male of questionable sexuality here to teach you how to pick up women.

There are homoerotic undertones that you'd expect from anyone wearing guy-liner, a look I thought would work well for him but the beanie and steampunk goggles somehow make it harder to focus on his handsome face. Let's be fair, part of the reason for attending is to see the cute guy.

His comments on NZ politics were sound - we may not like John Key but at least he isn't Trump. You've gotta admit in comparison John Key is an awesome leader of this country contrasted to what hell Donald Trump will lead America into if he ever gets elected.

I've seen many of Alexanders shows, I think that Enigma is probably his least offensive character yet, which might be why it just wasn't as funny. It lacks the shock value of De Sade though it does feel like he's trying to make a point with these two pieces that isn't there in his non-character standup. Something about relationships and how the sexes relate to each other or maybe I'm just reading into much into a comedy show.

Tickets: $20

9 August, VK's Comedy & Blues Bar, 8.00pm;
10-12 August, Cavern Club, 8.00pm;
13 August, The BoileRoom, 8.00pm;
13 August, VK's Comedy & Blues Bar, 10.30pm