November 28, 2018

PSA: The Ghosts of Christmas Parties

It's the night of the staff Christmas party at the beehive. Every member of parliament that's been in the headlines this year is there. The man we love to hate, Winston Peters, will have extra guests - the ghosts of Christmas parties.

Christmas Carols are sung with political lyrics, devious plots are plotted - kidnappings and bombs and last minute Christmas shopping.

Lightening fast changes in costumes and wigs allows a small cast to be a large cast of characters - easily distinguishable by the excellent acting alone.

Of the two Christmas offerings at Circa if you can only see one I'd recommend the pantomime over this unless you're really into politics.

Performances: 24 Nov – 23 Dec (times vary)
Tickets: $35

November 21, 2018

Puss in Boots the Pantomime

After being disappointed last year I didn't have high hopes for Circa's annual pantomime but it was delightful, one might even say "o-o-oh it's magic!"

There were jokes for the adults as well as the kids, nods to current events and almost every popular meme of 2018. Interactions with the audience, adlibbing when things didn't go quite to plan really added to the performance. Of special interest was "shouty kid", the Dame admitted "well, I encouraged them" and a noise competition between two visiting school groups.

Puss in Boots had such a stage presence; singing, dancing, sassing. Though to be fair all the performers could sing and dance. It was a high energy show with twists and turns and the necessary happy ending.

The show pulled myself and my companion out of the stresses of our lives for two hours and we were very grateful. To the man who turned around every time we squealed: we may be adults but we're allowed to have fun.

Performances:17 Nov-23 Dec, Tues-Sat 6.30pm, Sun 4pm

Tickets: $18 (child), $52 (adult)

November 3, 2018


The start of the show is boring and unhygienic as the performers share a lollipop. The weird modern theatre drags throughout the piece but once they are allowed to do their circus acts things get better. You'd think you're safe from audience participation but no, like a comedy or improv show, someone is dragged on stage for what is a pretty pointless runway walk. This show seems to miss the real joy of circus, which was evident on the performers faces when they were allowed to do what they trained so hard for. Admittedly the eye makeup was cool but the rest of the extra stuff could be left behind.

Venue: The Circus Hub, Te Whaea, 11 Hutchison road, Newtown, Wellington
Dates: 3-4 November 2018, 8pm
Tickets: $10