October 13, 2019


Sensationally* named and erroneously ticketed as a romantic comedy Cock has made it's way to Circa theatre. John is paralysed by indecision between his dramatic ex boyfriend and his overly understanding new girlfriend.

From the title you'll expect something more explicit, certainly with more swearing, but I don't think the word is actually ever spoken on stage.

It's a full 90 minutes without an interval, probably because the dragging last scene takes up the whole second half. It does eventually end but it doesn't really conclude.

All of this would make you think it wasn't enjoyable. But it was! The acting was excellent, you can watch any member of the small cast emote perfectly whether it's their line or someone else's. It was very funny, often pulling out awkward laughs as actors simulated nudity and sex. Most of the time this was managed well but there were a few instances where actors continued before the audience had settled down.

It raises questions about who we are, what title we use and highlights our need to just have someone to hold on to.

*to cause sensation, not well named

Performances: 12 October - 9 November (times vary)
Tickets: $52