August 20, 2014

Chocoholic High Tea

I had missed the Visa Wellington On a Plate Hippopotamus Chocolate High Tea in previous years and regretted it.

The event descriptor stated that “(a)ll high tea items (would) be gluten free and vegetarian” but that was not the case. The head waiter seemed personally affronted by a lady at my table who was vegetarian.

To start, cocoa infused cocktails or mocktails were interesting but didn’t taste like chocolate. The teas on offer were the usual selection; it is a shame that no special blends were created or sourced for the event.

The long half hour before the food arrived could have been better utilised by having the representative from the chocolate company speak, rather than in the middle. The wait staff did not realise this talk was upcoming so advised people that they could eat the provided chocolate samples. The staff appeared initially very attentive but later took plates when people were still eating and poured incorrect tea selections.

The head waiter did not appear familiar with the menu. It was not written (or read) in the order it was presented on the cake tiers. Some unknown words could have been explained and items directly identified; otherwise it was a guessing game.

The food itself was more interesting than good and a surprising portion (four of nine items) lacked any chocolate flavour. It was, however, a unique experience. I am glad I didn't miss it this year but I would not go again.

Tickets: $65
Dates: 15, 22, 29 August, 2pm

August 12, 2014

Laser Hair removal at Caci Clinic

Caci clinics throughout the country are currently offering an amazing 2 for 1 on laser hair removal and it comes with a guarantee. Sounds pretty good right? I had to investigate. Eight sessions six weeks apart means you'll be spending the best part of a year with your therapist (so I hope you like them!). Laser is very expensive so it makes a great deal - you could get your whole leg done instead of just half (if you're one of those people who bothers to shave above the knee).

There are selling points to laser; no more hairy legs while you wait for your next wax (you can shave while having laser treatments). It does mean a commitment, you have to sign up for the whole programme. Caci will book all of your appointments at once to ensure that you will have the correct spacing so your laser is as effective as possible. The promise is an 80% reduction of dark hairs, I was assured that most have results higher than 90%. If the hair grows back within two years they will give you free laser to get rid of it. It all sounds too good to be true.

It is pretty expensive. For lower legs or Brazilian it costs just under $3,000 but that works out at $187.50 per session for two areas. It still seems pretty high but it's the guarantee that convinced me, I've had ineffective laser before.

I parted with a lot of money and I wasn't initially convinced I did the right thing. My first session was more painful than I expected due to the dry shave rather than the laser. There was a smell of burning hair. The ultrasound gel does not absorb and it will get all over your clothes so make sure to wipe yourself down.
I'm over half way through and the reduction is amazing, I shave every couple of weeks rather than every day. This round the deal gets even better: you can share the cost and laser with a friend. It costs nothing to look into it but do it soon, the offer ends 31 August.

The deal: 2 areas (or people) for the price of 1, laser hair removal
Where: Caci Clinics across the country
Cost: Varies
Ends: 31 August

August 11, 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof explores the universal themes of love, death, and money; how the interplay of them can bring people together or pull them apart. It must have been hugely controversial when it was first performed. It probably still colours how southern Americans are viewed by the rest of the world. Cut into three acts the play makes for a very long evening (almost 3 hours).

The lovely Fanciforia Foxglove graces the posters and programme but it is Amy Whiterod (just as beautiful) who plays the cat of the title. As Maggie the whole play revolves around her; with perfect accent she does a fabulous job so much so that things feel a little flat when she isn't on stage.

Big Mama waddled like she was fat but she could have used a lot more padding, it was an excellent imitation of the movement. Big Daddy had a great accent, one other actors slipped during emotional speeches. The more secondary characters paled in comparison to the large personalities of the parents and Maggie but were such vile people that I their presence was felt even when they weren't on stage.

Stagecraft has turned out another worthy production; not shying away from a difficult script they bring it to life with great characterisation and deceptively simple but effective staging. Do go see it particularly if you have only seen the movie - this production is based on the real script, a lot of which is missing from the Hollywood production.

Performances: 12-13 August 6:30; 14-16 August 7:30
Tickets: $20/25

August 4, 2014

Richter City Home Season Game Three - Smash Malice vs Comic Slams

Saturday night's third bout of the Richter City home season was an interesting one.  The second one each for Smash Malice and Comic Slams, and the decider of which team is to skate in opposition to Brutal Pageant in the final at the end of the month.

Comic Slams presented another small team; nine on skates versus Malice's 12, but slightly better than last week's eight skaters.  We believe this may be a contributing factor in their difficulties this season, as it was soon apparent that Smash Malice were going to trample Comic Slams, much the same as Brutal Pageant did.

It wouldn't surprise us if jammer referee Mental Annie likely woke up Sunday morning hoarse, as she (along with the other refs) kept busy calling penalties, much to the distaste of some nearby fellow spectators. Penalties were so frequently awarded that in one jam about twenty minutes into the bout, all five Comic Slams skaters on track were lining up to enter the penalty box.  This was around the same time Slams suffered a blow with one of their strongest skaters Beatrix Kiddo fouling out in what was the quickest collection of seven penalties we had seen. The second half brought three more skaters fouling out, J'Knee Dodgem and Venom de Plume in Comic Slams, and Bailey's Comet in Smash Malice.

In addition to penalties galore, there was a lot of skaters falling over - seemingly more so than you'd usually expect, and often for no clear apparent reason from our viewpoint.  Invisigirl wasn't getting battered as much as she was last time, and was doing a great job using her stature to her advantage in forcing low block penalties to be called on most who came near her.  Suffer Jet entertained the crowd a few times with her skate-scream-slam approach to bulldozing the Slams blockers to clear the way for the Malice jammer.

We thought there was some notable work coming from Tino TurnHer and Nordic Nightmare for Smash Malice, and the six Slams ladies who managed to not get fouled out!  Richter City awarded MVPs to Volcanic Ash and MillerGnomer for Malice and Slams respectively.

Final score was 271 to 118, with Smash Malice facing Brutal Pageant in the home season final on August 30th.  Check Richter City on Facebook or Twitter for ticket sale announcements.