August 4, 2014

Richter City Home Season Game Three - Smash Malice vs Comic Slams

Saturday night's third bout of the Richter City home season was an interesting one.  The second one each for Smash Malice and Comic Slams, and the decider of which team is to skate in opposition to Brutal Pageant in the final at the end of the month.

Comic Slams presented another small team; nine on skates versus Malice's 12, but slightly better than last week's eight skaters.  We believe this may be a contributing factor in their difficulties this season, as it was soon apparent that Smash Malice were going to trample Comic Slams, much the same as Brutal Pageant did.

It wouldn't surprise us if jammer referee Mental Annie likely woke up Sunday morning hoarse, as she (along with the other refs) kept busy calling penalties, much to the distaste of some nearby fellow spectators. Penalties were so frequently awarded that in one jam about twenty minutes into the bout, all five Comic Slams skaters on track were lining up to enter the penalty box.  This was around the same time Slams suffered a blow with one of their strongest skaters Beatrix Kiddo fouling out in what was the quickest collection of seven penalties we had seen. The second half brought three more skaters fouling out, J'Knee Dodgem and Venom de Plume in Comic Slams, and Bailey's Comet in Smash Malice.

In addition to penalties galore, there was a lot of skaters falling over - seemingly more so than you'd usually expect, and often for no clear apparent reason from our viewpoint.  Invisigirl wasn't getting battered as much as she was last time, and was doing a great job using her stature to her advantage in forcing low block penalties to be called on most who came near her.  Suffer Jet entertained the crowd a few times with her skate-scream-slam approach to bulldozing the Slams blockers to clear the way for the Malice jammer.

We thought there was some notable work coming from Tino TurnHer and Nordic Nightmare for Smash Malice, and the six Slams ladies who managed to not get fouled out!  Richter City awarded MVPs to Volcanic Ash and MillerGnomer for Malice and Slams respectively.

Final score was 271 to 118, with Smash Malice facing Brutal Pageant in the home season final on August 30th.  Check Richter City on Facebook or Twitter for ticket sale announcements.

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