July 28, 2014

Richter City Home Season Game Two - Brutal Pageant vs Comic Slams

The second game of the Richter City Home Season introduced the crowd to several new players including crowd favourite InvisiGirl formerly of WRDL. She was very well matched against Burn Witch Burn! both of whom we thought warranted mention for outstanding play. Meat Train played an excellent game and was awarded Most Valuable Player for her efforts. Gael Force was Comic Slams MVP of the match and newbie Lethally Blonde received an honorable mention.

The Kilbirnie Rec Centre was not as packed as at the last game possibly because people expected to be squashed again. Sponsors Hells Pizza were doing a great trade and the candy floss (fresh on a stick!) was making many hands sticky.

Brutal Pageant slaughtered Comic Slams early in the game. Things got worse in the second half as Comic Slams were down two players (InvisiGirl and Sweaty Pig) due to fouls. Ma Whero Mischief was slated to play but bench managed further limiting numbers. The final score was 285 to 119 to Brutal Pageant.

Next game: Comic Slams Vs Smash Malice, 2 August 

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