December 3, 2022


 Idiom is a variety show in its truest sense. There are traditional acts like cello playing and dance with the more modern circus, comedy and…ping pong? 

Laser Kiwi (a comedy trio) host an electric evening of performances all throughout December. They deftly manage the audience when one of them goes off script and the audience follows, adapting as they go, flowing onto the stage concealed behind props to appear as though by magic (the one act missing).

It’s the intersections of the acts that really make the show work. It opens with a ballerina in a tutu on a table while ping pong is played to a pounding beat, that same ballerina later dances in pared down leggings and bra to live percussion, the percussionist accompanies a juggling act. It doesn’t feel like separate performances, it’s cohesive. Even the audience gets involved with a game of Pictionary which was perhaps the funniest part of the evening and entirely unscripted.

The recurring robot is funny the first few times but their act should be halved and their dialogue kept to a minimum to maintain the punchy humour. Otherwise the music, the performers - even the stumbles! - were all enjoyable.

It would be an excellent outing if you haven’t organised your work Christmas yet.

Performances: 2-23 December, 8pm

Tickets: $50