September 18, 2015

Richter City Roller Derby Vs Dead End Derby

The atmosphere walking into the Kilbirnie Recreation Centre a little after four on Saturday the fifth of September was one of excitement. Skaters from other leagues such as West Coast Bombers, Whenua Fatales, Rimutaka Rollers, and, Kapiti Coast Derby Collective were already there. The WFTDA playoffs in Tucson, Arizona between Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore, Maryland) and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (Denver, Colorado, who went on to lose against Victorian Roller Derby League who had Team NZ skater Ivy K'Nivey) piped through the sound system and displayed on the projector adding to the scene. Two cities, Wellington and Christchurch, would pit their A and B teams against each other. Convicts in orange were doing their drills while Living Dead Rollers in smart purple and black slowly rolled around the outer ring.

Lots of those new to Richter this year have earned their spot on the convicts, alongside some of the more seasoned. Burn Witch Burn, was the team captain for Convicts; Chopper Hedoff was the captain for the Living Dead Rollers. It was great seeing other skaters maintaining their involvement. Ella Kazam was offering delivery of sausages so we didn't miss any action. Again it was super handy having Tuff Bikkies and Beatrix Kiddo talk us through the penalties.

LDR featured jammers Lolita Loca, Rocketdogg, Teeny Tiny (a match for our InvisiGirl). Rita Wifebeater, Bruise Lee, Wheelie Busty and, Sonic ScrewdrivHER against Convicts Firecrakah, Tu High, Burn Witch Burn, May Maim, Anna KausaComa, Tarenosaurus Wrex and Gnome Diggity. Tu High seemed unsteady on her feet but Rocketdogg you could be forgiven for calling clumsy; her nose needed checking towards the end of the first half. At half time the score was 137 to 44 in favour of the visitors. Half time entertainment included obligatory Danger Danger dancing and, the act usually reserved for the after party, the Skanda Lass arm wrestle challenge; the victim this time was Crash Cookie. In the second half things didn’t improve for the Convicts and things looks worrying for Brianne Dead from LDR who suffered an injury with about 8 minutes left in the game, luckily she was able to hop around at high five time to celebrate her teams victory with 245 points to 97.

Several Christchurch skaters were gluttons for punishment, skating both bouts including; Chopper Hedoff, Rita Wifebeater, Lethal Limbs, Lolita Loca, Rocketdogg and Miss Chevus Mynx. It wasn’t terribly surprising then that they had a harder second game, not scoring for Dead End Derby All Stars until the fifth jam. Or perhaps the Richter City skaters didn’t want to lose two games in one evening. Anna Pave-U’Ova again proved that she is one of the best jammers in the league though Serious Crash Unit and Evil K Neevil showed excellent speed when jamming. Richter City were victorious in the second game of the night scoring 288 to Dead End Derby’s 104.

One win and one loss for each city seemed like a nice balanced way to end the long afternoon and evening.

September 10, 2015

After The Dance

On the brink of World War Two some people are still stuck in the hedonistic 1920's. Interestingly it's the younger characters who want the elder ones to grow up. After The Dance explores the generation gap and how sometimes just because you're older it doesn't mean you're more mature. Love is a equalising factor, turning us all into desperate children. The relationships between characters are difficult for an audience of a different time to pick up quickly; monied people often looked after their less fortunate relatives and friends.

The play is longer than most modern plays; two and a half hours all up. The first act flies by but in the third (the second "half") you start to feel the length as it drags a little or perhaps that's because it isn't as light as the first. The characters take a while to emerge, the script deceiving you about who is the main character as they don't show up till quite a way through.

Stagecraft have dug in the archives for this one but it feels terribly modern.

Performances: 9-12 & 17-19 September 7.30pm; 15-16 September 6.30pm; 13 September 3pm
Tickets: $25