December 7, 2023

IDIOM 2023

 After last year I didn't think IDIOM could surprise me, after the hellscape that is parking in Wellington I was not primed to enjoy myself, I'd already decided to go home to bed at intermission (8pm is late for a show to start). It's almost embarrassing how quickly this show changed my mind.

Once again there was a mix of acts; an opera singer, a wrestler, circus performers, a drag king. Not to mention a successful world record breaking attempt and a repeat game of Pictionary. But it's the unique brilliance of Laser Kiwi which throws the acts together, mixing and matching for unexpected performances.

Every night is slightly different, not only due to improv and the vagaries of audience interaction but also the challenging live nature of each number. The adaptability and cohesiveness of this seemingly disparate group of performers shines through.

Once again they are performing all December and I'm excited to see what they bring to the stage next year. 

Tickets: $56.60

Shows: 8pm, 1-23 December (no shows M/T)