August 20, 2014

Chocoholic High Tea

I had missed the Visa Wellington On a Plate Hippopotamus Chocolate High Tea in previous years and regretted it.

The event descriptor stated that “(a)ll high tea items (would) be gluten free and vegetarian” but that was not the case. The head waiter seemed personally affronted by a lady at my table who was vegetarian.

To start, cocoa infused cocktails or mocktails were interesting but didn’t taste like chocolate. The teas on offer were the usual selection; it is a shame that no special blends were created or sourced for the event.

The long half hour before the food arrived could have been better utilised by having the representative from the chocolate company speak, rather than in the middle. The wait staff did not realise this talk was upcoming so advised people that they could eat the provided chocolate samples. The staff appeared initially very attentive but later took plates when people were still eating and poured incorrect tea selections.

The head waiter did not appear familiar with the menu. It was not written (or read) in the order it was presented on the cake tiers. Some unknown words could have been explained and items directly identified; otherwise it was a guessing game.

The food itself was more interesting than good and a surprising portion (four of nine items) lacked any chocolate flavour. It was, however, a unique experience. I am glad I didn't miss it this year but I would not go again.

Tickets: $65
Dates: 15, 22, 29 August, 2pm

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