August 12, 2014

Laser Hair removal at Caci Clinic

Caci clinics throughout the country are currently offering an amazing 2 for 1 on laser hair removal and it comes with a guarantee. Sounds pretty good right? I had to investigate. Eight sessions six weeks apart means you'll be spending the best part of a year with your therapist (so I hope you like them!). Laser is very expensive so it makes a great deal - you could get your whole leg done instead of just half (if you're one of those people who bothers to shave above the knee).

There are selling points to laser; no more hairy legs while you wait for your next wax (you can shave while having laser treatments). It does mean a commitment, you have to sign up for the whole programme. Caci will book all of your appointments at once to ensure that you will have the correct spacing so your laser is as effective as possible. The promise is an 80% reduction of dark hairs, I was assured that most have results higher than 90%. If the hair grows back within two years they will give you free laser to get rid of it. It all sounds too good to be true.

It is pretty expensive. For lower legs or Brazilian it costs just under $3,000 but that works out at $187.50 per session for two areas. It still seems pretty high but it's the guarantee that convinced me, I've had ineffective laser before.

I parted with a lot of money and I wasn't initially convinced I did the right thing. My first session was more painful than I expected due to the dry shave rather than the laser. There was a smell of burning hair. The ultrasound gel does not absorb and it will get all over your clothes so make sure to wipe yourself down.
I'm over half way through and the reduction is amazing, I shave every couple of weeks rather than every day. This round the deal gets even better: you can share the cost and laser with a friend. It costs nothing to look into it but do it soon, the offer ends 31 August.

The deal: 2 areas (or people) for the price of 1, laser hair removal
Where: Caci Clinics across the country
Cost: Varies
Ends: 31 August

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