August 11, 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof explores the universal themes of love, death, and money; how the interplay of them can bring people together or pull them apart. It must have been hugely controversial when it was first performed. It probably still colours how southern Americans are viewed by the rest of the world. Cut into three acts the play makes for a very long evening (almost 3 hours).

The lovely Fanciforia Foxglove graces the posters and programme but it is Amy Whiterod (just as beautiful) who plays the cat of the title. As Maggie the whole play revolves around her; with perfect accent she does a fabulous job so much so that things feel a little flat when she isn't on stage.

Big Mama waddled like she was fat but she could have used a lot more padding, it was an excellent imitation of the movement. Big Daddy had a great accent, one other actors slipped during emotional speeches. The more secondary characters paled in comparison to the large personalities of the parents and Maggie but were such vile people that I their presence was felt even when they weren't on stage.

Stagecraft has turned out another worthy production; not shying away from a difficult script they bring it to life with great characterisation and deceptively simple but effective staging. Do go see it particularly if you have only seen the movie - this production is based on the real script, a lot of which is missing from the Hollywood production.

Performances: 12-13 August 6:30; 14-16 August 7:30
Tickets: $20/25

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