July 7, 2011

Caffe Italiano Molesworth Street

Following recent deals on Treatme and Grabone we thought it was time to try out Caffe Italiano. At a recent lunchtime on Molesworth Street the Caffe was full and warm compared to the rain outside.

The prices are more than I would normally pay for lunch: $15 for pasta, but this is more of a restaurant than a cafe despite the name. Two of the four vegetarian dishes were unavailable and I didn't bother to ask about gluten free (I'm sure they would accommodate but I never bother when it's mostly pasta). The food and staff were authentic Italian; you can tell the tomatoes are from Naples as they are sweeter than you would expect, you can tell the staff are Italian by listening to them speak.

I recommend Caffe Italiano if you can afford it and enjoy authentic Italian.
The secret to authentic Italian at home: Parmesan.

Price: $10-20
You can find them on the Web

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