January 24, 2012

Wholly Bagels Lower Hutt

[Please note: Wholly Bagels Lower Hutt has changed management since the time of this review - Ed]

Perhaps I shouldn't be writing this review after a big long weekend and my first day back at work but I am, so be warned.

I've been to Wholly Bagels before, I'm sure every Wellingtonian has visited one of their stores at some point, usually on a slept in/didn't have time for breakfast morning to grab the breakfast bundle. For those of you not in the know this is a coffee (or hot chocolate) and bagel filled with cream cheese before 11am any weekday. Like your regular bagel order you get your choice of bagel and cream cheese (ranging from low fat to chocolate and strawberry). I used to buy this maybe once a month and I was unreasonably upset when the price was raised by $1, even though it is still a good deal.

So now I launch into the bitchiness of the review. Problems I had with Wholly Bagels that morning:
1. I had to wait to be served (I don't mean wait in a line, I mean wait for a good five minutes before someone came to the counter),
2. there was a mere scraping of cream cheese in my bagel (they are pretty dry and hard to eat without enough cream cheese),
3. I had to ask for water (usually it's sitting up on by the coffee for customers to pour themselves),
4. I like booths with couches and (in my bad mood) I noticed they are looking worse for wear,
5. the girl at the counter needed to be wearing a more supportive bra, I'm sorry, but it's true.

Having said all that, it's still a good deal and they still make good bagels (though I hear the ones in New York are better - someone want to send me there to try them out?). Well, Wholly Bagels, I think that perhaps neither of us was at our best that day.... but it's ok, I forgive you.

Price: $6 (breakfast bundle: coffee and bagel with cream cheese)
Location: 34 Knights Road, Lower Hutt (find them online on Facebook and the web)
Hours: 9-4 Monday-Sunday (different hours for WhollyPizza)

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  1. I went to the new (tiny) Wholly Bagels on Customhouse Quay this morning, the experience is making me wonder whether I should give up on them after all. They were almost empty which was strange as a steady stream of people passed on their way to work. They didn't have the cream cheese I wanted and they hadn't even run out, they just didn't have it. Then they made me late for work because they forgot to make my coffee; I had to remind them after 15 minutes of waiting.