April 16, 2012

RCRD Game 1 2012: Smash Malice vs Comic Slams

There has been a lot of talk about the ticket problems but we didn't notice. We were first through the doors - we went through the first set of doors like we owned the place because it looked like everyone else was just milling about like they were waiting for someone, and waited inside till the main doors opened. I don't know exactly what the issues were, but it's been a long time since I went to a Ticketek ticketed event where they didn't have scanners. RCRD have apologised profusely and promised it will be fixed for the next match.

The bout itself was pretty awesome. Slams was winning for about 10 minutes, got a decent lead up, but Malice ate the lead in one jam. Malice continued to dominate till about half way through the second half, both teams scoring similar points in a slightly alternating pattern. It was the last two jams that made the night, with Slams kicking butt and coming soooo close to a win. Better than the final last year.  

I found it interesting that I don't really recall Smash Malice putting their rookie skaters in pivot/jammer spots (except for one which wasn't an overly impressive jammer, did do very well) - they seemed to just use them as token blockers and stuck with the same formula of Skandal, Velocity Raptor and Bikkies (who was awesome as always!). But Comic Slams utilised a couple of last years newbies really well who've distinctly improved, as well as a newbie from this year who was pretty impressive too, but they had to with Jet becoming more of a blocker and Ella Kazaam out on injury.

I understand some people were so fed up with the ticket issues that they didn't stay. I hope those same people try again next time to watch the two original teams face off.

Final Score: 115 Smash Malice, 107 Comic Slams

Game 2: Saturday 19 May - Smash Malice vs Brutal Pageant

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  1. Slams seemed to have about three players down and still did amazingly considering! Go Slams!