May 5, 2012


I remember theatresports from high school, back when they measured by forms rather than years. It is more popularity recognised through Who's Line is it Anyway? I attended the opening night of The Improvisors season of of Theatresports at Circa last Sunday night. The show is performed in Circa Two (where I did actually watch high school theatresports once) a more intimate theatre than Circa One.

You may have never been to the theatre and had to call anything out before but that is what is expected here. Each show is different; the performers rotate (from what i understand) and the content is based heavily on audience suggestions.  You could attend every show and have a unique experience each time. Audience participation is key "the show you get is the show you deserve."

Two teams of three performers compete to win the night. Scoring is based off audience applause, a system I prefer to that of the high school scoring which was based on technique (I want to enjoy the show, don't you?). I am sure that at certain points the performers tried to make it harder for each other; one example I remember was a rhyming interview about soccer playing elephants which was interpreted (hilariously) for the hearing impaired.

John Banks was a recurring theme of last Sundays show throughout the different games including a love song created just for him. The highlight was the gibberish opera; the two performers who were selected to do this game could really sing, I was blown away by the pipes on the female performer especially. 

Tonight was the final night of another Improvisors show, History Never Repeats which I didn't get a chance to see. The second show in the Theatresports series is on tomorrow night, go check it out and let us know what you thought.

Written and Directed by the Improvisors
Circa Two
29 April - 1 July
Sundays 7pm
Price: $18/15
See the Circa information page here


  1. Approx how long was the show? Seeing Sundays are school nights!