June 16, 2013

RCRD Game 2 2013: Smash Malice vs Brutal Pageant

Last night’s Roller Derby game saw several injured players and several new faces. Brutal Pageant debuted new comers Poise N Dart, Gael Force and Bedlam Bailey as well as a transferred Dunedin player; Blocktimus Prime. This bout also signalled the return to skating of Scary Maclary, now  skating for Smash Malice instead of Comic Slams.  Half time was a speed skating competition from Comic Slams players. New security measures meant that a gear check was performed before play could begin.

For their first bout of the season, Brutal Pageant delighted the crowd with a well planned entrance, stepping out to Devo’s Whip It, complete with attempts at whip cracking from Princess Slayer and Bethwish, roses which were thrown to the audience, cheerleaders, and a fuzzy pink bee for a mascot.  The mascot was a little off base and even one of the commentator asked whether the costume had just been hanging around in someone’s house. Smash Malice’s entrance - the team holding a panther head, arms and tail paled in comparison especially after they tripped over themselves almost immediately after skating out.

During the first ten minutes of the bout, Pageant appeared to heavily feature Beatrix Skiddo as their jammer, but she was soon victim from a massive hit from Jem Molition, taking a tumble and struggling through the next couple of jams before falling to the floor by her team bench and withdrawing from the game. Jem appeared to enjoy several of the heavy hits she imparted throughout the game.

Brutal Pageant took an early lead in the first half but the score evened out quickly. At half time Smash Malice had a seven point lead. During the second half Smash Malice smashed it with continued power jams and low levels of Brutal Pageant players on track/high levels of Brutal Pageant players in the penalty box.

This game showed repeated use of a move where the jammer passes the jammer status to the pivot by removing her starred cap. I don’t recall seeing this move for several seasons, it has never been used this extensively before. It shows how much of a strategic game is now being played.

Meat Train took a well deserved MVP for Brutal Pageant; she seemed to struggle a bit with her jamming in the first half but really came into her own during the second. At the time of writing we couldn’t find who was awarded MVP for Smash Malice. Brutal Pageant spread the jamming across their team while Smash Malice focused on their most talented jammers. There was stand out jamming from old timers Tuff Bikkies and Princess Slayer.

Smash Malice won by almost one hundred points. The final score was 101 Brutal Pageant to 198 Smash Malice.

The next match is Brutal Pageant vs Comic Slams on Saturday 31 August. If you can’t wait till then you can go to the RCRD fundraising quiz night on Wednesday. The next game will be Richter City All Stars vs Victoria Roller Derby League (Melbourne) on Saturday 13 July.

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