November 18, 2013

Weight Loss: Retreat

Rest assured I am not retreating (whenever I hear retreat I picture a miliatary man screaming "retreat!") but I did expereince a little retreat from my every day life. Quite some time ago now I realised that losing weight isn’t just a physical process. There was a lot of emotion tied up in my weight gain that I needed to release for my body to then release some of the excess weight.

I serendipitously stumbled across Harmony Hours just out of Hamilton; a peaceful place to do some healing and introspection. I stayed for two days which included my own personal space, food and a spa on the balcony.

The food was amazing; all homemade, organic, and mostly homegrown as well, I ate a lot of it. It reminded me of how food used to be, there was something real about this. Each meal was an experience; we sat at the table, ate and talked together. There was no prepackaged food eaten on the go. The pace of life here, the emphasis on what was really important was a marked difference from my regular life.

Chrystene is a peaceful, open, considerate, genuine person. I am unaccustomed to someone being so free with who they are and sharing themselves with me.

I had one Journey process, two similar sort of processes focussed on labels and rules and a healing session which was, admittedly, a little weird. In addition I was lucky enough to be staying on a night when weekly meditation was held.

My stay at Harmony Hours has had a profound effect on my life, on how I view myself, how I treat myself and how I view and treat food.

Price: varies (see packages here)
Weight loss: 1kg

Special thanks to: the wonderful Julia from Kiwi Pole Fitness and of course Chrystene at Harmony Hours

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