January 6, 2014

Hair on Queens

I couldn't help thinking the whole way through my appointment at Hair on Queens that Tabatha would be appalled. Imagining her reaction kept me amused.

There are too many issues to discuss at length so I'm going to simply list them:

  • the general appearance of the store was shabby; peeling paint, hair on the floor, brackets coming away from the wall
  • my hairdresser did not introduce himself (nor was I told that my hairdresser would be male, something which some people are particular about)
  • my hairdresser made no attempt at conversation and smelled subtly like cigarette smoke
  • I'm uncertain about the quality of dye they offered as I was told only certain shades would show in my  hair; I had thought that permanent colours included a bleach element. The dye stained my towels after several washes 
  • my hairdresser took on another client during my appointment even though someone else was available
  • to "speed things up"  another hairdresser helped; ending up with two pairs of hands in my hair which wasn't terribly comfortable
  • my hairdresser said he would take "some of the weight" out of my hair but removed almost all of the "weight," I have very thick hair that doesn't always respond well to this
  • I was left with hair all over my clothes and at one point hair fell on me even before he started cutting, I have no idea who's hair that was
  • the service took over two hours, most of the time I was sitting there unsure of when my hairdresser would return
  • usually my hair stays looking lovely after a haircut until I wash it, this had gone the day after my cut
I need to point out that I was really happy with the result; my cut and colour is beautiful even though he took more weight out of my hair than it would normally manage and the service was very cheap. I wish I hadn't had to suffer through discomfort for it.

As far as I can tell there doesn't appear to be a set price list, or at least one readily visible. Nor is there a website but they do have Facebook although it doesn't appear that they use it. The overall experience wasn't great but I am happy with the result so it depends on what you're looking for whether Hair on Queens is for you; great service or great results, it is a shame that you can't have both.

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