September 14, 2014

Westfield Queensgate VIP Style Session

Friday's VIP Style Session was a huge improvement over the last (which after standing for half an hour in heels I didn't hang around for), this one had seats and refreshments for the free food conscious. Stylist Sally-Ann Moffat outlined the three major trends for the season while exchanging banter with Camille of The Hits radio station.

I'll spill the secret and tell you the trends:
1. White out
2. Tribal
3. Tropicana

So anything white, ethnic, floral or brightly coloured and you'll be "on-trend." It seems really simple. Sally-Ann broke it down further showing ways to mix and match within the trends as well as between them using items sourced from Queensgate retailers. She admitted that fashion usually comes across as pretentious and exclusive. There is no way for me to express how much fun it was to see the pure joy she expressed each time she ran across the stage to show another piece. Her personality and passion is what made it such a wonderful night.

The best lesson from the night is to play dress-ups and enjoy fashion.

You can find more about the Queensgate Fashion Festival on the website
Sally-Ann also does personal styling and shopping tours which our weight loss blogger really enjoyed

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