November 17, 2014

Boulcott Preservation Society Garden Tour

In times of adversity it's great to see a community come together with a common goal. That goal for the Boulcott community is to limit the building of a retirement building on land which once belonged to the golf club. Although promises were made that Sommerset would consult with locals the current plans up for approval are much larger than originally proposed. Desperate to reduce congestion in an area with narrow roads which already bear traffic from a primary school, a golf club and the hospital; ensure the area is not disrupted by loud and protracted building; as well as unsightly building of a towering four storey block in people's single storey back yards the Boulcott Preservation Society was formed.

The first fundraising event was the Garden Tour held Sunday 16 November. It was a success with 700 tickets sold and a substantial amount raised to support any future legal battles. Signs have been popping up all over the neighbourhood with slogans such as; "They call it consulting; we call it insulting."

Crowds thronged the streets of the Boulcott community on the boiling day to see a diverse range of gardens, from modern to classic, small to surprisingly expansive. Of particular interest was the students garden at Boulcott Primary School. Pride in their own properties as well as pride in the community was shown by all involved. I do hope that this will be an annual event, whatever the outcome of the current issues.

You can read more about the Society on their Facebook page

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