April 2, 2015

Two Mortals

What would you do if you only had a month to live? a year? ten? a day? a minute? Some people would confess their love, travel, write a novel. What they are really asking is: would you live your life differently? Behind this is another question; why don't we talk about death? It's something we all have to look forward to, something "we're good at." These confronting questions are posed in Two Mortals.

A large volume of personal stories, interviews with people who work with or have been affected by death, are squeezed into an hour. Although aren’t we all affected by death? The two writers/actors embody each interviewee, blending their stories to create something powerful. The technology aided performance is well coordinated and choreographed. I hope that it opens new dialogues for all who see it.

As for me, faced with my own mortality, I realise I am scared of the pain of dying rather than death itself and I am happy with my life. Additionally, I've told that person I love them, I've contacted my lawyer about a will and I'm going to write that novel.

"TWO MORTALS is a delicate, poetic and humorous exploration of life, death and the moment in between. Composed word-for-word from interviews with people who live and work at the ends of life – morticians, cryogenicists, palliative care workers and ministers – Two Mortals weaves these true stories and experiences into a richly theatrical exploration of mortality. This uplifting work about one of our society's most taboo subjects was directed by Chapman Tripp Director of the Year Geoff Pinfield. Performed by Rachael Dyson- MacGregor and Mike McEvoy, with a rich polyphonic soundscabe by Beatrice Lewis, Two Mortals sold out two critically-acclaimed seasons at Melbourne's La Mama Theatre."

Venue: Circa theatre
Performances: 1-18 April,  Tuesday-Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 4:30pm
Tickets: $25-39

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