June 25, 2015

The 39 Steps

The opening night of Stagecraft's production of The 39 Steps was sold out, if everyone attending enjoyed it as much as I did, the rest of the season will be too. I admit to being a fan of Stagecraft but on the evening in question I did not want to brave the Wellington weather, I was sick, cold and tired. It’s a testament to how good the production was that even though I felt awful I genuinely enjoyed myself.

A minimalist, adaptable set of what appears to be cardboard boxes, a lamp and solitary chair take the action from a London flat, to a train, to the Scottish highlands. The minimalist cast take on many roles with main character being the only one static. Stagecraft regulars will recognise Lydia Harris in the more serious female roles.

So what are the 39 Steps? The secret won’t be revealed till the very end of the play. Based on a novel and movie this most recent interpretation is a comedy of farcical proportions. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Which character is that actor playing? Wait, didn't that guy just get shot? It'll keep you guessing.

Take note of the warning about strobe lighting. Dry ice is also used during the performance.

Tickets: $15-25
Performances: 24th - 27th June 7.30pm; 28th June 3pm; 30th June 6.30pm; 2nd - 4th July 7.30pm

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