November 21, 2015

Richter City vs Swamp City Roller Rats

Last weekend the Swamp City Roller Rats from Palmerston North met Richter City All Stars at the Kilbirnie Recreation Centre. The early start time may have contributed to the smaller than usual audience. Those that were there were enthusiastic.

Due to a problem with the printers there were no programs available which made it difficult to follow who players were. Most of the Swamp City players skated under their own names rather than a derby handle, which added to confusion when their uniforms displayed their handles. Wellington audiences would recognise Terror Satana and Mack formerly of Pirate City Rollers. Another former Pirates player that was anticipated (by us) to make an appearance, Skate the Muss, was absent.

Based on our knowledge of the two teams we had expected a close game but were disappointed by Richter taking an early lead which they maintained ending in a landslide victory 363-66. MVPs were Vicious Vege, Tuff Bikkies, and Jody Hare aka Madd Honour.

Solid performances came from those we expected, such as our Vege, Pave and Bubble O’Kill, while Swampies’ Terror, Justine Saunders (Justass - Team NZ skater), Michelle Rutherford (known from ARDL), Mel Deacon/Killer Doll, Danelle Mercer/Underage Rage and Wendy Lyons/Meds also made impressions whether expected or not.

Currently the Richter City All Stars are in Melbourne for the VRDL Invitational as part of the Ultimate Sport Expo (USE) 2015 to participate in WFTDA sanctioned ranking bouts. Their first bout was this morning, with another convincing win of 297 to 106 over Melbourne Northside. Tomorrow (Sunday 22 November) they take on Canberra at 11am NZD and Perth at 3pm, while Pave, Zam, Bubs and Jet are in the “Best of the visitors” team to play against VRDL skaters at 5pm. A live stream is available for these and all tournament derby bouts.

Next game: 28 November, Whenua Fatales vs Richter City Convicts 5pm, then Richter City Convicts vs Kapiti Coast Derby Collective 7pm

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