February 18, 2016

Putting the G'Day in Cabaret

10pm on a Wednesday night (I have been known to refer to this as a "school night") would normally find me either in bed or preparing for it. Last night I didn't get to bed till 11:30pm which, if you knew me you'd know, is pretty impressive. It was my first foray into the Fringe Festival this year appropriately held at the Fringe Bar.

What would a real Aussie bloke think of cabaret? What would a former-kiwi-turned-Australian woman pretending to be an Aussie bloke think of cabaret? That pretty much sums up the show. Thank you and good night!

I was tired and part of me was wondering why I agreed to be there, so much so that I appreciated the apologies from the performer about "technical difficulties." Ah, but then the techie came on stage and it was beautiful. Who knew you could get leather jackets that lit up? A true bogan mocking burlesque was genius and I was happy I turned up.

Joana Simmons is multi talented - actress, signer, comedian, dancer and I'm reasonably sure she wrote and choreographed the whole thing too. After the bogan came a diva, a hipster, a reporter and another Australian character. It seemed that every form of comedy was brought in from puns to physical and making the stage hand uncomfortable to making the audience uncomfortable.

The highlight for me was the first dance. Some of the other sketches seemed to last a little long (yes, yes, we get the joke). It's a shame the show isn't at a more hospitable time but I think it's worth losing a little sleep over.

Shows: 17-20 February, 10pm
Venue: The Fringe Bar, Allen St
Tickets: $17

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