March 14, 2017

Escaped Alone

Escaped Alone won Best Play at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards but I couldn't tell you why. Four excellent actresses play women of a certain age sitting in a garden talking about life and quietly revealing their inner selves.

The setting was excellent. It took a little while for the actresses to warm into their roles so their lines landed on top of each other like they were meant to. There were flashes of interest and a couple of laughs but overall it was confusing and boring. The program doesn't enlighten on the storyline which makes sense as there doesn't appear to be one. I understand a play can exist with out a specific point but it should still be entertaining, this was merely frustrating.

As I walked through the foyer I was pleased to hear other audience members were equally confused. A woman said "well it wasn't to my taste." I couldn't agree more.

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