December 4, 2017

Reflections: New Zealand Women in Art

"Small but perfectly formed," a woman murmured as she passed me on her way out of the New Zealand Woman in Art exhibition. I had to agree.

Exhibitions at the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden in the past have been a little stifling. So many things in one room you could barely move without bumping something. No space for contemplation.

This exhibition is a bold endeavor "to create a space which reflects women's perspectives and expands the conversation" by showing images of women by women.

Ten, well selected, pieces from the BNZ art collection are given room to breath with just one poster board narrative as accompaniment. Even though I generally don't appreciate modern art I found two pieces I could engage with. This speaks well for viewers who are more open minded.

The museum has been updated too. I can't place my finger on exactly what the changes are but the house seems lighter; a layer of clutter has been removed, furniture and trinkets have been slightly repositioned but are now visible. It's believable that it was once a home.

Open: 15 November - 25 March
Cost: $8 (museum entry fee)

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