May 27, 2018

The Breaker Upperers

What a quaint idea! A service to help you end your relationship. It isn't too hard to believe, what is hard to believe is that it took them 15 years to start having problems doing it. Best friends Mel and Jen share a home and a business...and at one point shared a boyfriend.

Flashbacks depict the start of the friendship which became a business. They appear to be set in the 80's even though it would have happened in the early 2000's. This was probably done for more laughs but just felt confusing.

The cast boasts almost every NZ actor who's worked in the last 5 years popping in for a cameo. You'll spend the first ten minutes squealing "Oh my God, it's...!"

The storyline is surprisingly well rounded though loaded with hideously awkward scenes that are meant to be funny but are mostly cringe-worthy. I had trouble staying in my seat but I'm glad I did.

The movie does have a heart alongside the ridiculousness. Mel is lovely and under her hard exterior Jen is hurt. It's refreshing to see a storyline that's based around a friendship rather than a romance though it felt like the lack of a man had to be replaced with (to remain spoiler free I'll call it) something else.

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