August 26, 2018

Cabaret de Paris

If you've ever seen burlesque you'll be disappointed at how quickly you see a woman in a g-string and topless (no pasties), you'd almost feel cheated. The breasts should come at the end with fanfare. Anyway, there are a lot of Vegas girls which I'm guessing Vegas stole from Paris. It feels cheap either way.

The magician is predictable but still good. The best is the "amateur" magician or the showman who entertains when merely adjusting the microphone. He was the highlight of the show, we could have disposed of all the rest.

It looked like the male dancers would strip but instead ladies in can-can dresses danced to techno music, when they finally get to the can-can itself, it's underwhelming.

The second half was much better than the first; there's burlesque and singing and the showman has an excellent set. Finally a man strips, it isn't the one you want but it's followed by shirtless men. Sadly their shirts were back next time they appear. 

Unfortunately they got the message that breasts are the show stoppers and used them again in the final act, cheapening the whole thing.

My advice? Skip the first half and pay for the cheap seats.

Next show: Christchurch, 28 August

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