September 9, 2019

The Pink Hammer

Opening night of The Pink Hammer at Circa on Saturday was a resounding success with a clever script and spot-on casting making this must-see show for fans of Kiwi comedy.

Four would-be handywomen, Louise, Helen, Siobhan and Annabelle turn up for their first Pink Hammer workshop only to be sadly disappointed. Keenly anticipating a practical carpentry course run by Maggie, a female furniture builder, they find she appears to taken a runner. Determined to get their money’s worth, they coerce a reluctant Woody, Maggie's husband and out-of-work carpenter, to teach them himself. It’s his workshop after all and probably his fault his wife has left!

The women's reaction to Maggie’s absence reveals much about their personalities and prejudices but as the story unfolds we learn there is more going on than we first thought.

This is an outstanding performance from a strong cast, supported by an excellent set and music, particularly the poignant songs from Siobhan. Full of truly hilarious moments with a surprising twist in the tail, this play is definitely worth a night out.

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