October 1, 2020

The Glitter Garden

Four drag queens enter a theatre, hilarity ensues. The Glitter Garden is the first drag show specifically for kids. Wellington showed out in full force to support the show dressed in their very sparkliest best.

Most of the jokes seem to be pitched at the adults in the audience but the kids were certainly enjoying themselves, at times running ahead of Hugo who managed quite well to pull them back into line and stay on script. All of the secondary characters had their lines and music pre-recorded which wasn't always easy to understand - but being drag there was the expected lip synching. 

There was dancing too so it may have been a good thing they only had to lip synch the singing as the performers would likely have been out of breath.

Circa has produced something unexpected for these school holidays. All the performers are drag queens, all tickets are only $15 and there's even an option to pay it forward by buying tickets for others so no one has to miss out.

If your kids enjoyed drag queens and want to see more then check out Ru Paul's Drag Race star Nina West reading stories for kids on her YouTube Channel.

Tickets: $15

Performances: 30 Sep – 10 Oct, Tues – Sat 11am & 6.30pm; Sun 4th Oct 4pm

You can find out more about the show, support, purchase books or the soundtrack on their website https://www.glittergarden.nz/

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