March 17, 2021

The Museum of This Morning

The Museum of This Morning is a delightful, collaborative piece of Fringe at it's best. 

The museum curator "collects" aspects of audience members mornings to create a fascinating show. The audience interaction, instead of being cringe worthy as it so often is, felt comfortable - like we were all involved and welcomed members. 

How can one little aspect of your morning potentially have impact hundreds of years in the future? Apparently it can!

This show involved excellent audience management, improv skills and relatively ok drawing abilities. We left feeling like this was something we helped build and the audience members were all friends.

Bonus - it's an early show so you can catch another Fringe piece after or sneak out to close by Cuba street for a drink to discuss the show with your new friends.

Performances: 16-19 March, 6:30pm

Tickets: $20

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