May 2, 2021

Things I Know To Be True

The Price family are a normal, nice, middle class family from Australia, though with four kids they are bigger than the average family. The parents, Bob and Fran, have worked hard to give their kids the opportunities they never had. And the kids have, well, squandered them.

Set in the backyard of the family home this play follows a very eventful year in the life of the Price family. In the way that a problem shared is a problem halved individual dramas become family dramas. Leaves fall, rain falls (literally) and so do masks. Each family member gets their time in centre stage to reveal the secrets they've kept from their family and the effects of this ricochet out.

It's about taking responsibility for your own actions, being your authentic self, growing up and, moving away from the safety of the family you've always known. At first everything appears perfect but cracks begin to show as we watch the family implode on itself. Can they find their way back to each other despite everything that's happened?

Don't see this show if you are at all embarrassed about crying in public. Do see it with a family member; it will open conversations that need to be had.

Performances: 30 April - 29 May (times vary)

Tickets: $52

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