August 1, 2021

Winding Up

The only Roger Hall I've seen previously have been his pantomimes (they haven't been quite the same since). Winding Up is something entirely different, though still a comedy. It follows Gen and Barry, a couple in their 70s dealing with all that comes with being in that age bracket.

The set is dominated by a gorgeous projected painting of Wellington harbour. You discover it's projected when the screen is used for other purposes. The majority of the scenes happen here, in the lounge of their apartment.

The audience is firmly in the same age bracket as the characters. But even though I'm not, I can still relate. It brings up questions of end of life decisions, funeral planning, winding up family dramas and burying hatchets. 

It was  a special treat to have the playwright in the audience who actually addressed us at the end, saying that the most important people in theatre are actually the audience.

Ginette McDonald and Peter Hayden were excellent and very believable as a couple. Both fumbled a line each but handled it very well, and who doesn't mix up words in real life?

This show is the life affirming comedy you were looking for. Perfect for those getting on in years or those who have parents getting on in years.

Tickets: $52

Performances: 31 July- 28 August (times vary)

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