January 23, 2022

A Natural Woman

Ali Harper is back at Circa theatre with her tribute show to Carole King. This was more of an ensemble piece than her previous shows, the musicians and other singer all got their time in the spotlight.

Ali was obviously thrilled to be back in front of an audience. She sang and chatted and flirted with us all. She was vibrant and entertaining, and still possesses a beautiful voice. We were lucky enough to witness her first time accompanying herself, she confessed after the song finished. 

She's done her research, weaving parts of Carole's story into the show. Carole's career brushed up against almost every famous musician of her time, including an almost collaboration with The Beatles.

Some of the music would have been nostalgic for a good portion of the audience but it seemed to be timeless and appreciated by all. Even the younger ones will recognise several of the songs. The closing two pieces brought a tear to my eye.

Tickets: $54

Performances: 22 January - 19 February (times vary)

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