March 7, 2023

Watch Out Gay Panda

Watch Out Gay Panda is a one man show that is partially improvised. It doesn't have the high energy or quick pace you'd expect from improv. It's really a coming out story set to improvised music, Dennis (the performer/panda) creates tracks and lays them on top of each other to create an echoing harmony. 

The improvisation may be partly in response to audience feedback and partly him still crafting his show. The blurb for the show mentioned it would cover saving the species but that may have been an earlier draft. What you do get is discussion on sexuality/homophobia and culture/racism through the lens of a panda trying to live a human life. But as the panda aptly says "why should I stand on my hind legs like a human?"

Tickets: $22

Performances: 7-11 March, 630pm

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