May 18, 2023

Skyduck: A Chinese Spy Comedy

We stumbled out of the theatre wondering what we'd just witnessed - genius or a drug induced hallucination? Skyduck is hyperconscious of its own ridiculousness, leaning into it to squeeze every last drop on to the stage.

Sam Wang convincingly portrays five distinct characters by infinitesimal changes in costume paired with larger changes in posture, facials and voice. He is the full 70 minute show despite his props, apparatus, surtitles and accompanying video. Aside from acting in two languages there's also dancing, other choreography and some variable singing.

The show is cohesive despite the mix of elements. Everything works in harmony from the lighting to the video, all prompted by the actors movements. The storyline doesn't make a whole lot of sense but then when has an action movie ever? Pop culture references add to the fun, light ride.

This immensely complex show highlights Sam Wang's potential as a writer and performer, here's hoping his next show adds an emotional punch too.

Performances: 18-27 May

Tickets: $55

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