November 3, 2011

Carnival Hound

Downstage is known for staging alternative shows and Carnival Hound does not disappoint. I read several articles about Carnival Hound before the show but attempted to push them to the back of my mind so I could make my own interpretations. I needn't have bothered, even with my prior knowledge I had no idea what was going on.

It was surprising to find the cast were already on stage when the audience filed into their seats, they never really left, merely faded into and out of the background. The scenery was simple but the lighting certainly wasn't - it created windows, dramatic shadows and was almost a character or narrator. The music changed from militaristic, to polka inspired, to rock, and there was a little music box tune.

I recognised Maria Dabrowksa from Monster Burlesque, not from her appearance but from the certain way she has of flinging her arms around her body when she dances, it must be a signature move of hers. The choreography used a lot of interaction; pushing and pulling one anothers bodies with feet and hands - using them like puppets and shields from bombs. Dead bodies moved differently from live ones but still occasionally moved on their own.

I don't know much about dance, if I did I may have enjoyed this more. It's probably not something to take your male partner to unless they are interested in dance. It was visually interesting but intellectually confusing or perhaps it was just over my head. I think it was partly about possession of objects and other people. There were people like floppy dolls, strange synchronised dancing, chair fights and mannequin parts.

The show runs for just under an hour, if you like dance or something alternative go have a look - them come back and tell me what you thought it was about.

Venue: Downstage Theatre (find them on the web and Facebook)
Price: $20-25
Dates: 3-5 November 8pm

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