November 27, 2011

Carousel Cabaret November 2011

Frills, sequins, feather and corsets; tattoos, coloured hair and elaborate stage designs. Welcome to Carousel Burlesque Cabaret.

Being my first Burlesque show, I wasn't too sure what to expect - perhaps some seductive entertainment in the forms of dancing, maybe some singing and some lovely costumes. And whilst I did indeed get all of that, I wasn't expecting a stand-up comedian show with some performances in between, which is what disappointingly Venus Starr's Carousel Burlesque November Show was.

Before the show starts, there is a soundtrack of your typical jazzy-seductive music - what you'd expect at a show like this. The stage is set up with a big background drop of a cartoon version of a burlesque girl on a carousel pony. The MC comes to the stage with some dance moves that are well desired by some. The crowd loves him and he goes to tell us this is the one year anniversary of Carousel. 15 minutes later, he finally introduces the first act: Penny Pinns. 

Penny comes on, dressed very conservatively; acting Queen-like. Yet there's something about this conservative girl ... she wants to let loose and get her inner tease out. She slowly shows more flesh throughout her song, stripping down to her underwear, yet keeping the air of "I shouldn't be doing this, I'm a naughty girl" which is delightful. 

The next act (after another 10 minutes of the MC) is a duo sing-and-bash by Fanci and Siren. Fanci is on the hide from Siren and this act has Siren singing and bashing Fanci for being trash, while Fanci does all she can to take Siren out - in the end taking off her bra and smothering Siren with it.

The final act of the first half is Galaxy Fox, a stunning woman with long legs and long purple hair. Tonight she is performing a femmebot routine - involving cake. While well done (Galaxy Fox breaks down from the cake), I found this act was just not quite my cup of tea, though the crowd loved it. This was one for the food fetishes out there. 

I find myself feeling rather bored every time the MC is on for more than five minutes. His jokes, I feel, fell into four categories: hilarious but very crass and probably offensive; flat; regular audience related (the crowd was a feeling of familiarity and almost communal); and putting down hecklers. The latter was probably my favourite of his jokes as the hecklers were well put down, and deservedly so. 

After the interval and being charged $6.50 for a can of Red Bull (what the hell, Garden Club?), Gracie Hart is introduced. She comes on in a full length red dress and she sings for us "I Never Talk to Strangers". Her voice is just stunning and her seductive strip is well done. My favourite so far. 

Ah, he's talking again. I like you, MC, but you have been talking for another 15 minutes now. Venus Starr comes and tells him to "Get the f*ck on with it", something we all agree with. Andre Corey is up next; Wellington's famous Boylesque dancer and Semi-Finalist in the International Pole Championship. The audience goes nuts. He is the favourite - especially among the men in the crowd from all the yelling going on. Andre comes on with overalls and a swandry top. Not looking sexy at all. That is set to change while he does a strip off to "Peaches" while of course, eating peaches. Including some dried ones used as his nipple covers and down his pants. His acting for this performance has a very teasing air to it and the audience are just lapping it up.

MC is quick this time in his introductions, we're already running 30 minutes over the scheduled time for the show. The second to last act for the evening is  Cyn Furneaux. Cyn is one of maybe two of the acts who didn't give off a amateur-vibe. And while I think her facial expressions during her performance could be improved, her act was one of my favourites - as she actually did more than just strip off. She played with fire. Setting a trail on each arm slightly alight then blowing it off and eventually swallowing the fire out in a sword-down-your-throat trick. 

Penny comes out for one final act, very similar to her first one. I feel this is anti-climatic and perhaps Cyn or Andre should have been the final act.

As this was my first show, I get the feeling that if you go to another one or two, you really start to love it, especially if you are dressed up. It would be good though to see a bit more variety and a bit more circus/magic tricks as that's what I get from the title of "Carousel", but unfortunately didn't really get that on the 25th of November.

Next Carousel - 23 December
Venue: The Garden Club
Price: $35 door charge (cash)
Dates: 25 November
Time: Doors open 7pm, show starts 8pm

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  1. A very poorly written and cynical review....