December 24, 2011

Carousel Cabaret December 2011

A smaller crowd gave a more intimate feel to this month’s Carousel.

The show had a rocky start with a few sound issues, however the performers affected (Pip E. Lysaah & Avian Belle) showed their professional side by continuing as if nothing had happened and were cheered on by the audience for their efforts.

After an intro for our emcee, Vinyl Burns, Magenta Diamond kicks off the show with Santa Baby tearing open presents to reveal rather naughty gifts. A sudden lighting and tempo change and hula hoops drop from the roof. She manages to strip while spinning hoops without a falter, a great start.

Next up is Pip E. Lysaah, a belly dancer who we’ve seen twice before on the Carousel stage. This month there is a smoke machine which adds some extra mystery to her already exotic acts. I enjoyed the way the smoke followed her twists and turns.

The final act of the first half is Avian Belle, who always brings a more artistic touch to the show. This time she enters the stage backwards, though you’d be forgiven for not knowing because she is wearing a mask on her head and has her hands pressed together behind her back (a feat beyond my flexibility!) so as to create the illusion of faces forward. Glitter and feathers fall from the roof as she dances. I loved this touch but I am a magpie so anything sparkly wins me over. A mention should be given to stage kittens everywhere who have to sweep the stage after so much glitter, it took most of the interval for one of the Carousel Cuties to clear the stage.

After the break Vinyl treats us to some of his magic tricks and gets a little friendly with some fake hands.
The show gets a high octane jolt from rock and roll couple Damon Rok and Li’l Minx. Dancing to Candyman, Damon tosses Li’l Minx around his body and up in the air like she weighs nothing at all. The two don’t stay still for even moment, it’s no wonder they currently hold the national championship title. The audience loves this firecracker of an act. As if a top speed rock and roll routine weren’t enough, the pair even manage to add burlesque strip elements and they finish with Li’l Minx tassle twirling while sitting in Damon’s hand as he hold his arm above his head.

Next up is Pip E. Lysaah for her second act wearing what looks to me like giant silver butterfly wings. The smoke is back and works well with the wings. I don’t know how she doesn’t fall over from dizziness with all the spinning and twirling in this act but it looks marvellous.

Our final act of the night is the last one from Rachel Rouge before she heads over to the Middle East. She comes on it a red sequined dress and performs a traditional burlesque routine but when the music ends her act changes gear. A projector screen displays images from her career so far while she removes what is left of her costume and make up to Gloria Gaynor’s I Am What I Am. She grabs a back pack which was hidden onstage and dresses into ‘day job’ clothes then runs out of the bar. A dramatic exit for a dramatic lady.

You can find Carousel on Facebook or the web - they'll be back in February

Venue: The Garden Club (Facebook and the web)
Date: 23 December 8pm
Tickets: $35 cash at the door

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