December 16, 2011

I, George Nepia

Awarded Production of the Year I, George Nepia returns to Circa for a second season.

I, George Nepia, another “one man” show was just great.  Whilst at times the language used by George as a young man was not what I would have expected, the rest of the script and story line was relatively easy to follow and Jarod Rawiri’s delivery excellent.

The changes in character from George, the young man, to George in his later years, to his mate on the ship across to Europe, to his coach / mentor at school and on tour were executed to perfection.

Jarod was also required to “perform” a number of actions on stage, warm-ups, haka and movements as if he were playing the game on stage – all done well and adding to the storyline.
Jarod Rawiri was at times required to speak directly in individuals in the audience as part of the performance which he did with feeling.  

Overall, his performance was very well received, so much so that he was required back on stage at least twice to accept the applause from the very appreciative audience!

Written by Hone Kouka / Directed by Jason Te Kare
Shows: till 17 December, 7pm
Prices: $40 Adults / $30 concession
Venue: Circa Theatre (show information page)

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