February 24, 2012

Divas and The Beast

Full of absurd scenarios yet delightful, light hearted enjoyment.

Set in a daytime talk show style, we have our hostess and her three co-hosts who play out improvised scenes based on problems or “beasts” provided by the audience.

We have the local avon lady, the youtube vlogger, the channeler of spirits and the dompost columnist with a talent for bringing sex into any conversation.

The ladies take turns at playing out solutions to the audience problems there by "taming the beast". They deal with anything from the simple; teaching sisters to get along, to the more off the wall, building a deep bond with your cat to discover why it’s spraying everywhere.

Most of the improvs were quirky and humourous if slightly bizarre twists on every day problems, which definitely hit the right note with the audience. Others however were frankly a bit too far-fetched and some badly worded lines had me turning to my companion, both of our faces bearing a “what the?!” expression.
Naturally, being improv, there is very little in the way of set. Anything in the way of furniture is represented by little red boxes carried on and off as needed. The start and finish of each scene is indicated by a slight fade in the stage lights, this also allows set up to be a little less obvious, when the cast manage to complete it in the time it takes for the lights to come up again. Each scene has musical accompaniment by a lone musician who switches instruments depending on the setting.

While I quite enjoyed the show, my companion thought “that was rubbish,” he didn’t like that occasionally the ladies would explain what was happening “my reaction was slow there, but that hurt my hand” so it really depends on your sense of humour.

 It’s easy watching, doesn’t involve deep intellectual thought and gave me a fair few laughs over the hour. When our hosts said “we have time for one more “beast” I was honestly disappointed that it was ending so soon.

On at BATS from 23rd to 26th at 8pm
Full: $16
Concession: $14
You can find out more details here

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