February 17, 2012

Moving Stationary

Moving Stationary is delightfully brilliant and hilarious.

A one man show filled with object manipulation and physical comedy, Moving Stationary is definitely one to add to your to-do list.

As the lights fade for the show to start, a message is played in a Stephen Hawkins-esque voice warning us to turn off our cellphones or “any electronic device which makes a beeping sound” which got a good few laughs.

The man on stage is Sigmund, a stereotypical socially awkward nerd, complete with argyle sweater as shown in the posters. He is great at playing with facial expressions, I especially love his “see what I did there?” smirk.

Sigmund is starting his first day in a new office and throughout the show does battle with various things one would find in a typical office environment. There’s the welcome bag topped by a balloon with serious personal space invasion problems, the spinning office chair which traps legs and the rubbish bin with a hunger for shoes.

Sigmund sets up a little lunch table using some neat tricks with storage boxes and I never thought I’d be able to say I’ve seen someone make tea using a helium balloon! (We are encouraged to head to the Pit Bar after the show for sushi and Helium Tea)

The best thing about this show, I feel, is that it’s accessible to anyone. There was at least one child in the audience who enjoyed it as much as any of us ‘grown ups’ and it’s great to see a show which could easily be watched by the large Deaf community without straining to lip-read in the dark.

There really isn’t much more that needs saying about Moving Stationary. It’s sweet and simple and brilliant.

16th to 19th at BATS starting 6:30pm
Full: $16.00
Concession: $14.00
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