October 15, 2012

Weight Loss: The Journey

I attempt to make my posts as positive as possible. This is a real struggle. I am frustrated at my lack of progress. I feel I am letting my readers down. I judge myself more harshly than others judge me; this woman is an inspiration.

My visits to the anthroposophical nurse have been peaceful interludes; all cocooned in blankets with my liver compress I take a wee nap. I haven't noticed any difference but I suspect it will creep up on me. I am on pills for three months to improve my liver function in addition to four treatments with a liver compress.

I struggle on with pole dancing. Much like my anthro treatments I think one day my progress will surprise me. Although I'm at least twice the size of the other students I never feel judged, I appreciate that.

This whole weight loss is a journey for me and appropriately I have just finished reading The Journey by Brandon Bays. My initial thoughts on reading this book were around cancer; not wanting to read about cancer and not believing someone can heal themselves of it. The more I read, the more it felt as though the author was talking to me. She talks about her tumour saying "I'd grown arrogant - thinking it couldn't happen to me"; that may as well be me talking about my weight. One of her first clients visited her because they wanted to learn from their illness, that it meant something. I believe this is true of my weight; I need to learn the lesson my body is trying to teach me.

I plan to attend a little retreat to go through the Journey process; a series of exercises to get to the root of my emotional issues around weight.

Keep reading and you'll see less of me next time.

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