October 29, 2012

Weight loss: psycho analysis

As you may remember I am on a break from Jenny Craig. This started because of a course of medication I was on. I have chosen to continue my hiatus to set myself up for weight loss; looking at the physical and psychological reasons I put on weight and have not been able to lose it. Continuing to work hard and not see any results was causing me unnecessary stress. I am doing what I think is the most sensible thing.

To set me on the right track I have started seeing a psychoanalyst. I won't mention her by name (yet) as I haven't discussed these posts to her. Our first session looked at my goals and the goals for us working together:
How do I want my life to be?
What do I want to get out of this experience?
It also acted as an in depth "getting to know you."
She is so lovely that it already feels like she is a friend who truly cares about me (and is just extra interested in me). We talked about each area of my life, identifying my satisfaction level and how that area would look if it were what I wanted it to be. The most interesting part was identifying my "captain" through a visualisation. The captain is my inner leader who will help me to better express who I truly am. I also think they will fight on my side when I'm beating myself up - in my head this is quite an amusing picture, reminiscent of Street Fighter (my captain and myself squaring off against each other). I think I'm off to a good start and I'm looking forward to where this takes me.

I have finished my visits with the anthroposophical nurse. I will continue to take the liver pills she has given me for a further two months. I am considering changing doctors to one who has anthroposophical training because my doctor keeps testing the same things even though they come up negative each time.

The pole dancing classes continue. I think I am working harder than I was; I get out of breath and I hurt after each class - it is much harder to get up the next morning.

In my next post I plan to talk about detoxifying body wraps. Can they really make you lose centremetres?  Tune in next time to find out.

Keep reading and you'll see less of me next time.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley PhotographyJenny CraigKiwi Pole Fitness

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