December 10, 2012

A Christmas Carol

To celebrate Christmas and 200 years since Charles Dicken’s birth Ray Henwood is doing A Christmas Carol as a "solo dramatised reading" at Circa theatre. It's the prefect time of year; the show runs until Christmas.

Unlike the panto (Cinderella this year) this show is for the slightly older crowd. Children may wonder where all the other characters are; Ray Henwood is the storyteller and then every character. At times he reminded me of Gollem as he talked to himself between characters but he managed it well with different facial and voice expressions.

The scenery was simple but well utilised, although I do wonder why they bothered to have a table when it was only used once. The lighting was integrated with the set to help create the different scenes and characters. The overall impression was simple but effective.

It wasn't what I expected from A Christmas Carol. I am glad that I read about it beforehand or I may have been disappointed as I had imagined a large production. Ray did an admirable job at keeping the audience engaged and remembering all of those lines (although he did refer to a book to maintain his role as storyteller). The greatest thing he has given me from this performance is the ability to see humour in the tale and being able to find something new in a story so well known is a gift.

Show Run: 7 December − 22 December
Tickets: $46

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