December 15, 2012

Carousel Cabaret December 2012

On Friday 14th December, Carousel Cabaret had their Christmas show at the San Fran bar with performances from Bonita Danger Doll, Phlossy Roxx, Ms Tittle Tattle, Galaxy Foxx, Willow Noir, Sabina Carmine and Gracie Hart.

Now this is only the second show I've attended, so I  had my reservations about what it would be like, as I felt the first show I saw (about the same time last year) was less performance, more get your tits out for the sake of it. But this show was thoroughly enjoyable, and I am looking forward to attending future ones.

The show opened up for us with 3 Christmas songs – a solo first by Gracie. She was then joined by Sabina to sing Santa Baby, and then Sabina was left to sing All I Want For Christmas. Their voices were wonderful individually as well as a duet, though their stage presence left a little to be desired. A little more – dare I say X Factor, would really complete the singing acts.

Piotr. Oh, Piotr, you were very good tonight. Good heckling, good amount of inappropriateness, and you moved on and didn't keep on talking when it should have been long past time for a performance. You had me in tears. In stitches. Top performance.

Miss Bonita Danger Doll from Christchurch - three words came to mind when watching her: beautiful, graceful, smooth. Stunning woman who had the audience hooked with boas, glitter in gloves and feather fans. She did all of her moves so smoothly it almost looked effortless. Wonderful start to the performances.

It’s easy to see why Willow is Miss Burlesque NZ. Her performances are well acted, entertaining and have thought, and tonight – shock, put into them. Her re-enactment of the Virgin Mary and her umbilical baby was a macabre but brilliant performance.

It was a tough performance to follow, so while Miss Tittle Tattle’s show was good, it needed that something extra to make it more interesting (perhaps a more upbeat song?).

Phlossy Roxx kicks off the second half with a sensual, almost belly-dance feel performance that is filled with sparkle and the hint of more – which is what, as a viewer, I want in a Burlesque performance.

Galaxy Foxx does something completely different to everyone else tonight – a 20’s swing and Charleston in a banana hula skirt! A nice change up and a very energetic performance.

Tittle Tattle comes back on to finish up the show. Overall, it was a fantastic night with great performances by all involved. Merry Christmas!

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