January 7, 2013

Weight Loss: Body Wraps

I'd heard about the wonders of Body Wraps in the past but I wasn't sure whether I should believe them. I decided to give it a go. And where better to go than the woman who trains NZ in body wraps? So, I visited Karen at Isis in Whitby.

Karen is one of the friendliest people you will meet and she will talk your ear off given half a chance. Throughout the whole process, despite my body issues, she made me feel comfortable. Though perhaps comfortable isn't the right word to describe being covered in clay.

The whole process takes about two hours. It starts with you taking all your clothes off then Karen measures each part of your body (for comparison later). The next bit is pretty messy - clay to cover your body then wrapped in bandages, on top of that goes what I like to think of as a space suit to keep it all in. For an hour you stew in the bandages. I was lucky enough to try out PorterVision, a meditation/hypnosis system with a wide range of programs, while I waited out my time.

However messy the first part was the end is more so (and cold!). The clay is wiped off and Karen measures me again. The program guarantees you'll lose 15cm and I managed to lose 34! I don't know how it works, whether it's the compression of the bandages, sweating out excess water or something else - it must be something else as the program also says you can keep it off if you follow their after care.

You can visit Isis in Whitby to try a Body Wrap and/or the PorterVision. You can also find Body Wraps in salons around the country.

Have you ever had a Body Wrap or a similar treatment? How did it go for you?

Keep reading and you'll see less of me next time.

Weight: 93.9 (+0.3)

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley PhotographyJenny CraigKiwi Pole Fitness


  1. It'll be interesting to see how long the results last - so many sceptics about with body wraps, I guess I'm one of them to a point!

    How'd you find the PorterVision? I had a few goes with mum's one (or predecessor) when I was younger, I used it to help learn lines for a school production I think. Can be a bit awkward to get used to, but I used to enjoy it.

  2. 34cm!!?! That is heaps! Now I'm curious...

  3. I was skeptical too. You should both try it out and let me know how it goes.
    The PorterVision was a bit weird - it has glasses that you wear which play lights. The lights are meant to somehow work all the words into your subconscious. I think it would be more effective if I did a course of it.

  4. Did you lose on the scales?