January 23, 2013

Weight Loss: Holiday Hangover

When someone says 'hangover' most people immediately assume that this particular someone has imbibed too much alcohol. I'm talking about a different and perhaps more dangerous hangover, of the holiday variety.

I'm not talking about how hard it (still) is to get up in the morning and trudge to work rather than languishing in bed till the heat drives me out. No, I'm talking about a habit hangover. We give ourselves plenty of leeway over the holiday period. "Oh! it's Christmas / New Years / summer I'll eat whatever I want. I'll fix it with my New Years resolution / when I get back to work / later." The problem is that habits are, well, habit forming.

The thin people in my life have good habits; they order skim milk / without cream / entree size / with veges instead of fries. This self sacrifice is the 'life change' we are all meant to be making for long term health and weight loss. I trick myself into thinking I'll just have one / a taste and the next thing I know it's all gone.

How am I doing on my resolutions? Middling.

1. Write these posts - I'm doing that right now!

2. Weigh myself - at the bottom of the post (-0.2 from my New Years weight).I may need to weigh myself more regularly to help remind me what I'm meant to be doing.

3. Keep going to pole dancing - I've missed one class of pole dancing when I was notably tired, stressed and had to work late but probably needed it the most.

4. Eat breakfast every day - I've eaten a good healthy breakfast all bar one day when I had white toast (horrors!) with peanut butter)

5. Don't give up - I often feel like it but so far I haven't completely fallen off the wagon

6. Celebrate my successes - I don't feel like there have been many which probably means that I'm not celebrating the ones I do have. This is something to work on.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Do you have any holiday hangovers?

Keep reading and you'll see less of me next time

Weight: 93.4kg (-0.5)

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley PhotographyJenny CraigKiwi Pole Fitness


  1. My suggestion for the 'treat' time - buy a tiny, tiny amount. I have a shocking sweet tooth and will consume a bag of lollies in 5min flat given half a chance (partner has to fight me for them ;p). So if I reeaalllyyy want some lollies - I buy a 50c mix from the dairy *lol* or for a chocolate hit on the weekend, a single bar instead of the block I used to consume... Otherwise I just don't buy them *mooch* if they aren't in the house I can't eat them.
    Congrats on the -.5!! :)

  2. I'm sure I've told you before about how I buy the really small Whittaker's, and take only one to work a day (or sometimes those Griffins bites biscuits, love me some Toffee Pops and Mint Treats!).
    I also limit that chocolate to be the last thing left to eat at work - reserved for mid afternoon I-want-a-nap time. Except, I've been looking at the same piece of chocolate since mid December. I guess I should celebrate the success that I don't need a mid afternoon pick me up any more?
    Keep it up though :) 0.5 is progress :)